What Parents Say

Anne and I enjoyed the Father to Son book so much. that we went back to buy Father to Daughter. Since then we have given many of them to our friends. They make great presents for brand new parents. They are terrific for Little League dads, soccer moms, and teenage wardens.”

“The books are a must for all fathers and fathers-to-be. They are funny, insightful, and enlightening.”

“When I read Mr. Harrison’s first book Father to Son, I was reminded of the things that make my relationship with my son so full. When I read his book “Father to Daughter”, I couldn’t have changed a word…it was my relationship with my daughter. The thoughts he poses are both real and motivating. I highly recommend the books to every father, especially the new ones. There are wonderful ideas useful for every day relationship building, and example setting. Thank you Mr. Harrison for such helpful books.”

I purchased 1001 Things Every College Student Needs to Know at a gift store a few years ago for my son. After reading it, I realized the book was packed full of wisdom. It is written with a sense of humor that teenagers understand. I now order the book in multiples of 10 or more and give out to kids that are juniors. It helps to steer their thoughts toward what college is all about. I highly recommend this book.

My advice: get this wonderful book for your high school freshman…the tips will help her make the most of what her high school has to offer and be an attractive candidate colleges pursue. My only caveat is #6 on pg. 12 I think those scores are way too low to gain admission to top schools.

The author, Harry H. Harrison Jr., interviewed many women in an attempt to understand what exactly it means to be a Mom. There are so many of these sayings that made me laugh and others that made me cry. I hope my daughter will find as much joy in reading them as I did. Some of these sayings she will soon understand, others she will understand as her child gets older.

“Thanks for providing a moral and practical compass so succinctly. Your book’s one-page-at-a-time format has provided me many “ah-ha” moments; those mostly being what the important stuff is I should give to my son as a father.”

“As a father of three daughters, I can attest that from diapers to wedding day, Harry’s keen insight is right on the money. I gave a book to my son-in-law, a proud new father of a beautiful daughter, and I noticed at our last visit that Harry’s book sits on the table next to Paul’s easy chair.”

“So they say, ‘Like father, like son.’ We know he is going to pick up all of my bad qualities. Hopefully, after reading this book he will pick up some of my good qualities, too.”

“With today’s chaotic society, parents truly need help in raising their children to avoid life’s temptations. Harry Harrison’s book is a real ‘guide’ for Dad’s on nuturing their sons and giving them the tools for a well-balanced outlook on life. It’s a must read.”

What Teens Say

1001 Things Every Teen Should Know was great. I sat down and started reading it as soon as I got my package. It really tells Teens things they should know before going into the real world alone. I didn’t know some of the things that were listed in the book and I’m going in my second year of college. It’s the perfect book for a rising college freshman.

Getting good grades is more about doing things smart than being smart. Read 1001 things every college student needs to know by Harry H. Harrison Jr.”

This book is everything that the title promises to give the reader. It’s a great starter for college. This book fulfills its goal to be helpful. Each piece of advice is short and concise. The meaning is clear and fluff is kept to a minimum. Each suggestion is applicable to the wide variety of lifestyles of college students.

My parents gave me this book. I’m leaving for college tomorrow and I don’t really want to start packing. This book really scares me.

I wish I would have found this book sooner. It’s incredibly useful. The author lets you know about important things you should look into (especially financial things).

What Critics Say

.. In a literary world over full of parenting books directed at women, Father to Son is a rare and valuable find, and a marvelous user’s manual…” Claire Martin

“… enduring pieces of advice that can only make your home – and ultimately, the world – a better place.” Debbie Karpowic Kickham CNC correspondent

“…lovely books … that explore life lessons for fathers on raising a girl or boy through the stages of growth compiled from interviews of dads with successful (sons and) daughters.” Andrea Soroko

“…crucial lessons fathers can teach their children by their words and actions.” Louise Hajjar Diamond

“…these small books are packed with keys to raising children.” Barbara de Witt

“If you are looking for a “guru guide” to raising a son, there are signs of inspiration in FATHER TO SON. True Review

“…this book is non threatening, easy to read and a real gem.” Susan Brooks Day

“…the author created a book that goes to the heart of dads in a format that men are used to.” Chesapeake Family

“… this is a great gift book for Father. It may even be something mom would like to read.” Today’s Family

” … with all the dour an serous talk going down, it’s nice to have a little book like this one which does have it serous moments but is clearly intended most as a set of lessons that go down easily.”

“… a more humorous look at Fatherhood … covering the different stages of boys’ development into men.” Jean Peerenboom

” Most parenting books are primarily concerned with the physical aspects of raising a child. … Here in (these) chunky little books are lessons on the other stuff. .. and are books every dad should own.” Dorothy Nonas-Walsh

” … This little paperback is a gem… an absolutely wonderful book for a wife or a mother to give to a father to be, or one in the throws of learning what it is to be a dad.” Mary Sheldon