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I would say, age 2.

Warnings of the terrible 2’s are not an urban legend.
The demanding, the crying, the shouting, the absolute refusal to behave,
and then getting away with it -this is when children learn they can control the parents.

I’ll never forget being at the grocery store, and a 4-year old was screaming her head off because her mother wouldn’t buy her a toy. The whole store
was embarrassed for the moms. I can assure you that her life was already on
a downhill crash.

But of course, it should have never gotten to this point. Discipline isn’t a bad
word; it’s a necessary tool for parents not to raise a spoiled, unhinged child. And it needs
to start early.

The younger they learn you, you are not their friend, but you are the parent,
the happier everyone will be. This is how you survive the terrible 2’s.
With love and discipline. And consistency.

Harry H. Harrison Jr. is one of the best selling parenting authors in the world, with books published in over 30 countries. His books are constantly featured on numerous television shows and radio programs, as well as newspapers, magazines and parenting blogs.