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What price can you put on not worrying if your child will succeed in the world?

How much is it worth not to worry about these startling facts:

(1)   50% of  all 18 to 21 year olds are rushing out into the world will rush back home.

(2)   More kids than ever leave for college, but only 54% of college students graduate in six years.

(3)    One in three Americans is a college dropout.

(4)   The number of unemployed among America’s young people (16 to 22) is a staggering a 22.5 million!

(5) Among all adults, only 58.3 percent of Americans have jobs.

(6)    Three in ten young Americans move home because they can’t find a  job.

(7)    Unmarried women now account for 50% of all births.

(8)50%  to 60% of Christians leave the church after high school.

(9)    Most kids in their freshman year are barely prepared to do the reading.

(10)  Many young adults rack up hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt

        to earn an essentially useless degree.

What price can you put on not worrying if your child will burn through four marriages, have kids out of wedlock, be forced to move back into their bedroom because they’ve failed at life, wrestle with depression, spend their time partying all night and sleepwalking through the day?

What price can you put on becoming the parent of a successful, well adjusted, spiritually grounded child who grows up to fearlessly face the world, bounce back from failure, choose the right friends, pursue and nail the best jobs, regards marriage as sacred and is kind and generous to other people?

What price can you put on raising a happy, successful child who is ready to face and conquer the adult world even when she’s only nineteen? Or twenty-two? Or thirty-five? Many parents spend $150 to $200 an hour, twice a week, for years at a time with a counselor or shrink, hoping and praying that this time session will work, this time their kids will see the light, that they will learn to act and think like an adult. Others spend $30,000 a year on grade school, trusting teachers to do the job that the parents can’t do.

But it almost never, ever works. That’s why “Fearless Parenting, Raising a Child to Face the Adult World”, is such an incredible bargain at the introductory price of $9.99. 

Young adults today are too scared to face the world. With good reason.

They’re not prepared.

In our rush to give our children the happiest childhood ever, we’ve made them more parent-dependent than independent. The sad fact of the matter is, your child has a 50% chance of failing out of college, an 80% chance of failing to get a job, a 60% chance of getting fired from their job, and over a 60% chance of having a disastrous relationship all forcing him or her to move home. I don’t have to tell you the signs: surliness, disrespect, screaming, cheating, the police at your house, teacher conferences, friends you’re scared to have in your house, glazed eyes, wrecked cars, refusal to leave the bedroom, unable to hold a job, unaccountable, lying, lazy and whose gods are porn sites, drugs and revealing dressing. And yet we’re stunned when these kids come home at twenty-three unable to find a job, taking Xanax for depression and unable to leave their bedroom because the adult world refuses to put up with their silliness. Why is this happening?

Yes I know, $9.99 is a ridiculously low price to ensure the future of your child. It’s less than the price of week’s worth of lattes. It’s ten minutes of a shrink’s time whose only recourse will be to put your child on drugs. Even though this book is small it is literally crammed with solid, non PC parenting advice to give you guidance, instruction and strength to raise your child for tomorrow’s success. But this price is only good till October 31 when it will double. So get your copy now. Like right now.

Read first chapter free!Fearless_Sample.html

Why should you listen to me?

Good question. The answer is because 4,000,000 people already do! I’ve been a parenting author and speaker for fifteen years. I’ve worked with hundreds of dads personally to turn them from weak or missing dads to Fearless Fathers. I’ve met with many groups of moms turning them into Fearless Moms and I’ve given speeches to education groups about preparing kids for the real world, not for junior high. I’ve spoken to highly rated schools on developing excellence in children. I’ve raised two enormously successful sons myself whose high school friends still live at home. OF ALL THE BOOKS I’VE WRITTEN FOR PARENTS, I FEEL THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE.


Nobody can predict the future. But I am so confident that you'll be absolutely thrilled with "Fearless Parenting. Raising a Child to Face the Real World,”  that you’ll be recommending it to your friends. Grab my e-book today and put it to the test for 8 weeks. Read every page.  Become a Fearless Parent and resolve to try out the strategies and the tactics on your children because you will be initially afraid. The reason is most parents are busy making their kids parent-dependent instead of independent. SO YOU HAVE TO CHANGE. But if you don’t feel this book is worth at least 10 times more than you what you paid for -- or if it hasn't revolutionized your child’s ability to compete in the world-- or if you're not 100% satisfied within 8 weeks, I'll refund your entire purchase price. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!


Change the future of your children today. Become a Fearless Parent.

Read first chapter free!Fearless_Sample.html

What are other people saying about Fearless Parenting?

Hi Harry,

I will be sending you a check next week for three more copies.

I want to start a Parenting Group for moms this school year (or next) with your book as the curriculum.  

Hi Harry

Love your work. Will spread the word. Fearlessly!

Hello Mr. Harrison,

Thank you for your books and articles.  I am a principal of a small international Christian school in Egypt.  I have been reading Fearless Parenting: Raising a Child to Face the Adult World.  It is excellent. I would like to purchase a copy of this book to give to each of the school families and teachers.  Our focus this next 13-14 school year will be developing our student outcomes and working with the parents to prepare their children for the future.  Your thoughts have been helpful to me and I know they will be helpful to our families and teachers. Faith K