Raising teenagers is about one thing: preparing them for adulthood. Every year millions of teenagers are unleashed into society. And parents are left wondering, "How long will they make it out there?" Studies indicate a full 50% of starter adults move back home in five or six years. Wow! Hide the IRAs. Why do they come home? They don't know things. Things they probably should have learned in Middle School. Like "Life is difficult so don't get discouraged and move home." Or to call a plumber when your toilet overflows, not the fire department. In his usual poignant but humorous style, best selling author Harry H. Harrison, Jr., reveals the 1001 things every teenager needs to know before they leave home.  Or else, don't even bother painting their room. They'll be back. If you’re the parent of a teen, you need this book. If you’re a teen wondering what your parents have forgotten to teach you, then you  need to buy this book.

From the book:

They should know adulthood isn't for sissies. 

They should know the lifestyle they enjoyed growing up isn't waiting for them upon graduation. 

They should know a six figure salary, a splashy condo and a Beamer take time. Or an MBA. 

They should know to seek the advice of a mentor. Not the wisdom of their unemployed club friends. 

They should know college and graduate school are hard, time-consuming and just warm-ups for life. 

They should know self discipline is a key to solving life's problems. 

They should know victims are never happy. 

They should know life is all about negotiation. A skill they learned when they were six. 

They should know to not wait until there are helicopters circling overhead to start a prayer life.

They should know growing up takes moving out. And moving on.

They should know to sit across the room for people who are coughing. Even boyfriends.

They should know racking up $50,000 in student loans just to major in music appreciation doesn’t make sense. Read what Money Magazine says are the top fifty career choices.

They should know a business meeting interupted by a cell phone ring tone of “Lets Get Drunk”” wil lnot be deemed a success.