Parents, before your kids step foot on campus, we need to have a talk. More kids than ever are applying to college because they know that in this computerized, global economy, a bachelor's degree holds the keys to the kingdom—but more students than ever are leaving school without a degree. In fact, one in three Americans in their mid-twenties are college dropouts. Only 54 percent of college freshmen graduate within six years. Students are showing up on campus unprepared for the course load, ill equipped to prioritize, helpless to solve problems without Mom running interference, and lacking the inner strength to stand up to the pressures, demands, and challenges they will inevitably face  the next four years. Or more. This book has been reviewed on NPR, it has been recommended by high school teachers and has become as important to take to college as a computer. Parents are killing themselves to make sure their kids get to college. But this is the book that will give college freshmen staying power.

From Chapter 2: You Need to Know Your Roommate Might Smell

1.     You need to know to send in your dorm reservation as soon as you get accepted. On-campus housing fills up quickly.

2.     You need to know to live in the dorm. It’s the easiest way to make friends, feel connected to the school, and avoid flunking out.

3.     You need to know you’re moving into a dorm built fifty years ago, not a condo built last week.

4.     You need to know all your clothes, pillows, quilts, towels, medicine, grooming aids, hair products, blankets, sheets, radio, computer, TV, shoes, and minibar have to fit into a space the size of a MINI Cooper

5.     You need to know your roommate might emit an odor. Or have a gas problem. This is no reason to turn around and go home.

6.     You need to know to never use your roommate’s dirty towel or razor.. Yes, you’re dripping wet and your date is in thirty minutes, but dude . . . staph is forever.

7.     You need to know your roommate will be different from you. But she’s somebody to talk to at 1:00 a.m. with the lights off.

8.     You need to know a roommate teaches tolerance. Of course, you’ll be teaching her tolerance too.

9.     You need to know your roommate will probably never be your best friend. That’s okay. Your friends don’t want to live with you.

10.  You need to know living with your best friend from high school can make you wish you were living with your little sister.